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Delivered Hardwood Logs

£125.00 1 Bin
£245.00 2 Bin
£365.00 3 Bin
£485.00 4 Bin
£605.00 5 Bin
£720.00 6 Bin
£840.00 7 Bin
£960.00 8 Bin
£1080.00 9 Bin
£1200.00 10 Bin
£1320.00 11 Bin

Collection Hardwood Logs

£115.00 1 Bin
£140.00 1.2 Bin
£10.00 3 Nets of Kindling
£100.00 Softwood Logs Collection

Our barn dried logs are delivered in a specially made trailer that carries 6 bins of logs, or, our tipper truck that carries 4 bins of logs. Each bin is equivalent to the same volume as a builder tonne bag of sand. You can order between 1 or 6 bins of logs on a load, the more you order the more discount you get. (N.B we do not cut logs to any size we have a standard size of 10″-11″ long)

Some Hints and Tips on burning hardwood logs

  • Never burn rubbish, plastics, cardboard, glossy paper or polystyrene.
  • Never burn wood that has been taken from salt water. Chlorine combines with the smoke to produce dioxins and furans, which are dangerous carcinogens.
  • Never burn treated or painted wood, particulate-board or plywood.
  • Store logs outside, off the ground and covered. Bringing green wood indoors to dry can promote the growth of allergy-causing mould spores circulating indoors.
  • Use a high-efficiency woodburner, fireplace or insert that is certified to produce low emissions.
  • Have the systems installed by a professional and have it inspected and cleaned every year.
  • Make sure the woodburner, fire or stove is getting enough air – check that the air inlet is open wide enough to keep the fire burning, resulting in complete combustion and less smoke. Chimney fans with adjustable speed control have the added advantage of improving the efficiency of the appliance by creating exactly the right amount of draught at all times. Excessive draught causes the wood to burn faster.