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Frequently Asked Questions


How much wood do you get in a bin?

A bin holds the same size as a builders bulk bag of sand.

Are the logs delivered in a bulk bag?

No – the dried logs arrive in a trailer with gates and it is tipped bulk into your drive.

What size are the logs?

The logs are cut and split to approx 10″ – 11″ long. Because our logs are cut the season before to dry we, chop the wood to one standard (approximate 10″- 11″) size please check that this size will fit in your logburner, or on your fire before you order.

Is the wood seasoned?

Yes – all the wood is dried in large crates in a barn and ready to burn on your fire or log burner.

What is the difference between Hardwood & Softwood Logs?

A hardwood log will burn slower as it is much more dense compared to a softwood log. The heat value in a dry softwood log is slightly hotter but it will burn approx 10-15% faster.

What delivery area do you deliver to?

Approx 15 mile radius of Algakirk. See Log Delivery Area.

Do you deliver all year?

Yes – Our busiest season roughly runs from September through to March depending on the weather. (Due to high demand, and some colder weather) we can run out of stock in January.

Can I collect logs?

Yes – but only by appointment. Contact Us

When are you open?

Monday to Saturday 9am – 4pm – Collection via appointment – contact us

How long will my order take to deliver?

If you fall within the delivery radius then we generally deliver within 5-10 days of order, because we do not charge a delivery charge we group the deliveries together to make it more viable. We do always contact the customer prior to delivery to inform of the day, and am or pm time slot

What happens if I am outside your delivery area?

If you are only a few miles the other side of the delivery area we may add a small charge, please contact us with your postcode for a price.