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Barn Drying our Hardwood Logs

Once our wood has been cut it is then stored in a Dutch barn in slatted crates. These crates allow for the free movement of wind and air through the logs to naturally dry and season the wood. The process of natural drying has been done for centuries and is very efficient and effective way of seasoning. Drying them gives a massive heat advantage against burning a green log, this is a huge benefit over green chopped wood, which is normally delivered directly after being cut to your size. We believe that hardwood logs dried in this way are the perfect fuel.

To get the best from your hardwood logs, you must consider your storage. Wood needs to be stored up off the floor and out in the open to allow the air to flow around them, with the top covered to protect from the rain. Correctly stored wood fuel will produce at least twice the heat of poor fuel. Dried hardwood logs will burn practically smoke free which reduces soot build up within the flue, keeping maintenance costs down to a minimum. All our wood is sourced from sustainable woodland, of which the trees are thinnings or of a sub-standard grade. Supplementing your heating with an efficient wood burning stove is a significant cost effective step towards sustainable energy independence.