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For your convenience you can now place seasoned wood log orders online. Please fill out the form below. Your email will be acknowledged and then followed by a telephone call or email, a couple of days later to inform you of the day and time for delivery. Payment is cash or cheque on delivery, payable to:- GLENNY 2000 LTD.

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Seasoned Wood Log Price List

The hardwood logs are delivered in a specially made trailer that carries 6x bins, or our tipper truck that carries 4x bins. Each is equivalent to the same volume as a builder tonne bag of sand. The logs are tipped out bulk loose on your property, (please check that our sized logs 10” -11” inches long are suitable for your fire or logburner as sizes cannot be changed due to the fact they are all cut and split the season before drying)

You can order between 1 or 6 bins of logs on a load, the more you order the more discount you get.

Delivered Hardwood Logs
£85.00 1 Bin
£165.00 2 Bin   £5 discount
£245.00 3 Bin   £10 discount
£320.00 4 Bin   £20 discount
£400.00 5 Bin   £25 discount
£450.00 6 Bin   £60 discount

Collected Hardwood Logs
£75.00 1 Bin
£175.00 2.5 Bin
£90.00 1.5 bin Onion Bin
£5.00 Bag of logs

Storage crate   £25.00
Sticks   £5.00

N.B Collection can only be arranged with an appointment tel: 01775 680302 or use the form above to arrange a day and a time.

Opening Times

Open Mon to Sat 9am - 4pm
Closed Christmas Day
Bank holidays
Closed between 25th Dec to 2nd Jan

Our season roughly runs from September through to March depending on the weather.

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Did you know...?

... that dark or smelly smoke drifting from a chimney means the wood is not burning completely. The best fire is a hot one with very little visible smoke and no smell of smoke indoors. If you smell smoke indoors, it means the wood stove or fireplace isn't venting properly - it may be a block in the chimney, a faulty damper or competition with a range hood.

Did you know...?

... that properly seasoned wood is a very versatile fuel and can be burned in many different forms to provide central heating. Until recently wood fuelled heating has had the drawback of a lack of controllability. Automatic wood fuelled boilers, and many stoves, overcome this problem by utilising thermostats which automatically control fuel and air intake with very responsive and programmable temperature settings.

Did you know...?

... that scientists have discovered than when forests become old and overcrowded, trees begin to use more oxygen than they produce. Young, well-managed forest tend to be the most efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

Did you know...?

... that burning wood, unlike coal, produces very little ash, with clean, dry, seasoned wood typically producing less than 1% ash residue. Being high in potash it makes a fantastic garden fertiliser.