Log Delivery Area

We deliver logs free of charge within the inner circle on the map, a delivery charge of £10 will be added if you fall in the yellow shaded area.
If you require logs and you fall outside the yellow shaded delivery area then please contact us.

Delivery areas for barn dried logs

Delivered to your door

Dried and seasoned oak logs ready for burning The hardwood logs are delivered in a specially made trailer that carries 6 bins of logs, or, our tipper truck that can hold 4 bins of logs Each bin is equivalent to the same volume as a builder tonne bag of sand. You can order between 1 or 6 bins on a load, the more you order the more discount you get. See prices Oak or softwood logs dried and ready for burning

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Did you know...?

... a good sign of well seasoned firewood is that the end grain has lots of little cracks in it.

Did you know...?

... that its easier to start a fire with softwood kindling like pine or fir. It ignites easily, and burns fast, heating the flue quickly, add bigger hardwood kindling as fire grows. Burning hardwoods are denser and burn slower and more evenly, producing less smoke. They also provide more heat energy than a softwood logs the same size. As you add more logs allow air movement between them

Did you know...?

... that wood needs plenty of air to burn well. It is best to allow a fresh change of logs to burn freely until they almost turn to charcoal and only then to 'damp' down the fire by reducing the air supply. Filling a stove with logs and damping it down straight away, stops the 'volatiles' from burning and generates a lot of smoke and tar that is bad for health and the environment.