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If you have any question about our split hardwood logs, delivery areas, or general storage question then either email or telephone with your query.

     Glenny 2000 Ltd
     Manor Farm
     Manor Rd
     PE20 1PH

     T: 01775 680302 (Mon - Sat 9am-5pm)
     E: info[REMOVE]   (see note below)

In order to avoid our email address being used by 'spammers', we've added an extra bit... please remove the [REMOVE] section in our email address before sending us a message, or use the form we've provided below.

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Did you know...?

... that a database of grants available for the installation of renewable energy technologies is maintained by the Energy Saving Trust. Click here to be taken to the relevant page.

Did you know...?

... that wood smoke contains almost no sulphur dioxide and very little in the way of nitrous oxides? This means acid rain is not produced as a result of burning wood. Not only that, but the carbon dioxide released when wood is burned is the same as that which is absorbed by the tree when it was growing!

Did you know...?

... that burning wood, unlike coal, produces very little ash, with clean, dry, seasoned wood typically producing less than 1% ash residue. Being high in potash it makes a fantastic garden fertiliser.